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Have you ever stopped to think that maybe it’s not an accident you live where you live? In the specific house where you live.  On the specific lot that it sits? In the specific neighborhood where you live. In the town where you live? You say “of course it’s not an accident. We looked a long time for that apartment, or shopped a long time for that house. And we were pretty specific. It was the only one that fit the bill. You know, the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the right floorplan, in the right school district, the right distance from work in the right price range. Of course it’s not an accident.” And I know, that’s all right. But what about even beyond that?

Have you ever thought maybe God had a purpose for that house being that house in that neighborhood and coming on the market at that time so that you would live in it? That He might have a plan for you living in that place at this moment in history because of something He’s doing in your life and maybe in the lives of the people around you?

What if God has a purpose for where you live inside of His purpose for you and the people around you? What if He’s placed you where He’s placed you because He’s doing something right where you live – wanting to show and tell people where you live who He is – and He wants to use you to be a part of it? And, what if it’s not as difficult, or as weird, or as religious, or as scary as you’re afraid it might be to be a part of what God’s doing right where you live?

That’s why we are doing this blog. Because we don’t just believe it’s possible. We see evidence on almost every page of Scripture that it’s exactly how God tends to work. And it may be simpler than you think. We’re hoping through this blog you’ll read some really simple tips, ideas and encouragement so that you too can be a part of what God is doing in neighborhoods all across our city, and all around the world. All through normal, ordinary, terrified, people like you who simply decided to love where they live.