Host a Firepit Party!

With our cooler weather, the Fall is a perfect time for a FIREPIT PARTY!  Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that people love to sit around a fire? Researchers at the University of Alabama studied people who sat in front of a fire to gauge their reactions. The subjects’ blood pressure went down and they had increased feelings of relaxation. And how many of our neighborhoods do you think could use a little more of that?!

So we are making it easy for everyone to host a FIREPIT PARTY this Fall.

We have created door hangers for you to pass out on their street or apartment building.  

We have STACKS of them that you can pick up at the Firepit Party table in the lobby.

You can keep it simple! You can plan to roast marshmallows, or make s’mores, or roast a hot dog. Or you can just invite neighbors to come sit around the fire and drink hot chocolate.

I know what some of you are thinking. “Great idea, Gary, but I don’t have a firepit.”

Well, problem solved! We bought a firepit and you can borrow it!  It even comes complete with marshmallow roasting sticks!  You just provide the firewood and the marshmallows! To reserve a firepit for your event, send an email to Gary at  So pick up your invitations in the lobby today!

And help spread the joy! After your Firepit Party, please take a picture and post it to social media as #LoveWhereYouLiveFW and #FirepitParty