Week 6: Search, Rescue, and Send Them Home!

On Sunday, our guest speaker James Womack drew from last week’s amazing news story of the rescue of the boys’ soccer team from a cave in Thailand. He reminded us that we too are called to join Jesus in his mission to those who are lost and in darkness. We must join with Jesus to Search, Rescue, and Send Them Home. 

However, many people are like those boys when they first entered the caves – they were playing, exploring, enjoying life, and they were not yet aware that they were in great danger. Perhaps you have a neighbor who you PRAY for, LISTEN to, EAT with, and SERVE, but when you try to SHARE about Jesus they don’t seem interested.  

We know that the gospel is good news for the whole world, so ask God to help you discover the answer to this question: “What does the good news look like for this person?” Ask God to show you a need or struggle in a person’s life that creates an entry for Christ.   Asking the person some deeper questions may allow you to discover where they have a felt-need for an aspect of the gospel.

·      Shame from their past may make them long for PARDON. You could ask, “Have you ever wished for a ‘do-over’ in life?”

·      Sickness, addiction, or helplessness may make them long for POWER. You could ask, “Where do you feel ‘stuck’ in life?”

·      A longing for meaning or justice may lead them to seek PURPOSE. You could ask, “What do you really want in life?  If you got it what would you have?”

·      Feelings of isolation may lead them to long for PRESENCE. You could ask, “What are the emotional or spiritual supports for you in life? What do you do when you are stressed out?”

Asking these kinds of questions can help you understand how the message of Jesus is the good news that they need!  And then you will likely find a greater openness when you share how Christ has met you in that way.