Week 3: Let's Eat!

Let’s talk about something that everyone loves to do... EAT!

Not only do we love to eat, but we also do it frequently!  Almost all of us will eat 21 times per week – and even more if you like snacks!  (And who doesn’t?!)  What if you decided that once a week you would use that time to connect with someone who needs Jesus?  There is something powerful about sharing food that can break down barriers and build relationships.

Sharing food can be incredibly simple, and it can be what you are already doing with your family.  A box of popsicles or slices of watermelon could turn into an afternoon party for the kids (and their parents) on your street. Or it could be a box of donuts and a pot of coffee for a Saturday morning hang time. Pass the word on your street with a simple flyer or Nextdoor.com.

You could also invite a co-worker to grab a quick lunch, or pick up an extra latte for them as you drive through Starbucks on your way to work. 

Since the 4th of July is next week, why not create some simple patriotic fun!  Invite a friend for a red, white, and blue  dessert like one of these https://www.today.com/food/9-easy-red-white-blue-fourth-july-party-treats-t29286. Or invite a neighbor to join you to grill some burgers.

Which of these ideas can you adapt for your situation? Remember, you can keep it simple!  You can take something that you would already love to do with your own family. And now you can do it with a bigger purpose in mind!